Comfyballs, the most comfortable boxer trunks & briefs ever made.

Comfyballs, the most comfortable boxer trunks ever made. Comfyballs boxer briefs are tailored with flat-lock seams, supersoft fabrics and have a superior comfort & breathability. In addition, a Comfyballs boxershort has a PackageFront™, which is specially designed to keep the genitals in place, to lift them and keep them free from your thighs. Patented technology and unique sewing methods gives you an ultimate wearing comfort!

Comfyballs are available in multiple versions (described below) each in 3 different models, which are regular, long and briefs.


  • Cotton, the cotton fashion boxer for daily use.
  • Wood, luxurious boxer for daily use, gives a luxury feeling.
  • Performance, this boxer is suitable for doing intensive sports.
  • Performance Superlight, lightweight boxer with extreme moisture regulating characteristics, perfect for intensive sports and during competitions.